Double Wall Tray

We are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of our double wall trays. Our products are manufactured with food-grade materials and are designed to meet the highest standards of food safety and performance. We not only manufacture our trays to withstand the harshest environments, they also offer a wide array of color, size, and design choices to help set them apart from other products in the market.



Custom Double Wall Tray

The double walled containers are specially designed to keep the product inside their box in a way that keeps the product in place while transporting. These containers are designed to fit in the carton boxes of products perfectly to give them a perfect protection. They are very spacious so that they can put more products in it.

Custom Printed Double Wall Tray Packaging Boxes Wholesale with Logo

Used as packing material by many industries, the double wall tray boxes are made from the best quality of cardboard. They can be used for packing any type of products and even printed in full color on the front and back for personalization purposes. Our organization designs and prints the boxes at our own printing facility, which creates an effect of superior quality and convinces our customers that we have full control over their orders.

Packwhole is a company that specializes in packaging boxes. They offer custom printed double wall trays as an alternative to traditional boxes. Packwhole is a very user-friendly experience and they offer many different choices. These include shapes and sizes.


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