Auto Bottom With Display Lid

You don’t want your product to look unappealing, and you definitely don’t want the packaging to be unattractive. The Auto Bottom With Display Lid is here, and it has all of the features that you need in a package. Not only is it made with high quality materials but it also has a very attractive design to it. If you are looking for a brand that offers not only high quality but also attractive packaging, this is your brand!



Auto bottom with display lid boxes are easier to assemble with auto-lock at the bottom. The difference is that these boxes come up with a little more space in display tuck panel lid and have a compartment for accessories for your product. The auto-lock is a feature that has been manufactured to give you more space in the bottom of the box to fit your product more securely, and also can reduce damage from leaking and pressure caused from hard products.

Wholesale Custom Printed Auto Bottom With Display Lid Packaging Boxes

Packwhole is a wholesale company for custom printed auto bottom with display lid packaging boxes. They offer great printing options and their boxes are very unique.

Packwhole is one of the top custom printed boxes manufacturer in the market. We provide the products that are designed for the best display of your products. All of our wholesale custom printed boxes are made with top quality paper to ensure that your products are safe. Once your product is housed in our custom boxes, you will have the perfect protection against damages.


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