Custom Counter Display Boxes

This is a great way to promote your product. These display boxes will make your products look more appealing to the customers. You can also use these counter display boxes for promoting the other products in your supermarket or shopping mall. They are very useful to the people who are interested about the products and are looking for them in the shops. This will present your products in a nice way to attract the users.



Our premium quality custom counter display boxes are available in various sizes and designs and are manufactured by utilizing the best quality of materials. The boxes are made by using the best quality of papers, foam and other accessories. At present we have produced these display boxes for our clients in various shapes and sizes like cylindrical, square and rectangular.

You can order the boxes in custom shapes, sizes, and designs. The designs are more commonly presented by the customers themselves by discus. You can also submit your ideas and designs. These boxes help you to showcase your products better in the shops and shopping malls.

Custom Counter Display Boxes Wholesale

The professional team of the designers available at Packwhole. The boxes are finished with excellent solutions like matting, glossing, embossing, and deposing the boxes. For making the boxes even more decorative and attractive the use of color coats are used. A wide range of finishing options like hot stamping, burnishing and color coating are available in the market to make the boxes look attractive and attractive to customers. These boxes have been in the market for more than a decade because they have been manufactured in accordance with international standards. The price varies according to type and size of the box.


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